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    stupid idea list


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    stupid idea list

    Post  Luned on Wed Aug 18, 2010 1:36 am

    use spell scrolls when in mental strength
    use isilla card and firewall scroll to get flee or cut cast time on any class
    give enemy cloakers a spirit sphere so you can see them when they cloak.

    eske on alchemist plants
    cast lvl 3 summon flora on yourself to be unclickable
    use red lif or drippy vanilmirth to be unclickable
    poison react, evenom, and poison toad card for pushback
    bongun card + spear bashing for pushback. pin someone to a wall
    bongun card + cutlus for bash pushback on other classes
    stalker using magic ninja skills, is more powerful with them than ninja
    stalker flying kick, and backstab spam. (if you are on the same cell, you can spam backstab?) add in close confine?
    shield boomerang on stalker with status arrows
    freeze trap with poison knife and status arrows
    lord knight spiral pierce, and switch to doom slayer midcast
    gunslinger tracking, and switch to grenade launcher midcast. then spam triple action
    throw demonstration around the castle. especially with a high speed stalker to screw enemy breaker, and recall
    stalker use angeling card and dex/int bow to grand cross of doom
    stalker use angeling card and aspersio to become unhittable. funny as hell recall. fraps plz
    paladin change from cranial shield to alice carded strong shield when anticipating edp sonic or asura for a double KO
    combine perfect dodge with safetywall to make safetywall last longer
    sinx find a sleep/stone/frozen target, use venom dust, venom splasher lvl1, and when it goes off use sonic blow at the same time
    sniper wear red novus card, so people who atk you get confuse status and accidently walk into traps
    sniper use sleep arrows and sharpshooting, and also cloak. cloak doubles crit chance for next atk, so does sleep. also sleep will keep them from potting.
    sniper push traps under people in pvp with arrow shower. slip trap under pneuma...
    stapo card on classes like soul linker and priest, to stun people, break cast, and just be really annoying
    cursed dagger on mage/linker for 50% curse on atk. works well with magnum break
    mailbreaker // swordbreaker when combined with any range attack
    professor use sw on a stoned/frozen/sleeping enemy, poke them with status dagger and rain down autobolts
    clown/gypsy get soul link, use bragi, equip spirited guitar(clown), and spam frost joke//scream at insane speeds in woe
    hwiz use firewall next to icewall, firepillars, and push a frozen/stoned target into it with jupitel thunder
    soul linker spam kaite on enemy high priest so they cannot heal, or have assumptio

    when a sinx uses grimtooth on you, wear disguise card. if they get silenced they will be unable to do anything, even unhide or eat a green potion.

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    The Smoking Nun- Gunslinger
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    Re: stupid idea list

    Post  Slave on Sun Aug 22, 2010 6:05 am

    1.) Spell scrolls do work while in Mental Strength
    2.) Works well from what I've heard.
    3.) Ki Translation: Transfer one of your Spirit Spheres to another party member. Uses up 1 Spirit Sphere.

    Though Ki Translation doesn't work, you can still autofollow people before they cloak, and still follow them as they're hidden.

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    Re: stupid idea list

    Post  Steve on Sat Sep 04, 2010 6:08 am

    how about this

    sinx equipped with fire blend and ice falchion (you can mix around and stuff) learn rock throw and go pure int vit. cloak around and throw stones to auto caste bolts :] it works for sure.

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    Re: stupid idea list

    Post  Rathys on Thu Nov 25, 2010 3:42 pm

    Try Battle Prof anti Bio3
    Reflect dmg
    Full def and reduce dmg
    Ledge of death


    Throw stone (maybe Coma will work) XD

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    Re: stupid idea list

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