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    fighting as a chemist


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    fighting as a chemist

    Post  Luned on Wed Aug 25, 2010 9:28 am

    most people just use AD. but there are more ways to fight...
    if you make chemist as more than a mvp slave, you should be quite skilled at scripting AI, or be willing to learn. you also need a source of supplies- usually another chemist to brew the "ammo" for you. plant cultivation does wonders here.

    --enlarge weight limit. this must be maxed, you need to carry more pots and ammo!
    --cart mastery. the cart also helps you carry more stuff so max
    --mammonite. used only on a str build, and its strength can be limited. most don't get this
    --cart revolution. even if you have low atk, this skill hits twice, making it good with status weapons. or mail breaker.

    --summon flora. these may seem weak, however they will trigger any autocast items you are wearing leading to some strange combos. they also do 4x damage to anyone wearing battlegrounds armor, and arent affected by anti-demihuman effects. they have more hp than normal and use their respective skills. these are quite dangerous when used with eske//eska from a soul linker
    -mandragora is useless
    -hydra is the best hitlocker, best for autocasts and immune to water and storm gust.. if it can hit them?
    -flora the best dmg wise, has a huge sprite so if you summon on top of yourself you are unclickable
    -parasite slightly less dmg potential vs flora, but has more range, status effect skills and is immune to wind and LoV
    -geographer. ok dmg, immune to earth, wind, and can heal or even sleep on occasion. but it often breaks sleep.

    --summon marine sphere. some testing is needed to see if it works vs battlegrounds armor. after you poke the marine sphere, it will move in the opposite direction and then explode based on its remaining hp with a very big aoe. if it works vs bg armor, it can be quite dangerous.
    --bomb. you need a bit of weapon attack to use this properly. it will break the weapons of people who are hit by it, and it does 1 hit per second. actually pretty nasty on a portal or such.
    --acid terror. can break armors and cause bleeding status, but not very useful compared to AD
    --acid demonstration. more dmg based on vit, breaks weapons and armors, etc etc. a relatively feared skill but costly to use. the typical solo mvping skill.
    --aid potion. can heal hp or sp, by ALOT with soul link. uses up pots though. ranked potions do not heal extra when used with this skill. is affected by target vit/passive skills, or int for aid blue
    --aid slim potion. a very very nice way to heal in aoe, and important in woe2 because many fights involve both sides using LP (sanctuary cannot be used.) heals more on high vit targets
    --chemical protection. if you get these go all the way and get full chemical protection. they can be important in war/mvp to stop armor/weapon breaks, or even tarot card. getting this will greatly limit your other skills however.
    --aid berserk potion. useable only with soul link, its usefulness depends on what kindof char your allies are.

    -will move at the speed you move when you summon them. if you use a speed potion, it will go very fast regardless of type. if you are cursed...
    -can be put away and resummoned rapidly to overcome skill delays. will be summoned 2 cells away from you.
    -cannot be buffed normally and will lose their specific buffs on resummoning
    -to heal them aid potion is recommended
    -can be resummoned the instant they die if you want them to take hits for some reason
    -are extremely vulnerable to freeze, stone curse, and aoe attacks in general
    -will not get vit def or flee reductions regardless of how many monsters attack them
    -getting a high level of summon homunculus helps if you resummon it often when it dies, so it has more hp

    --vanilmirth. the most balanced statwise. has a powerful ranged magic attack, and its normal atk isnt too bad either. at this time is very powerful against battlegrounds armor. has a suicide skill that consumes all loyalty and is very powerful... but I can't recommend using it seeing how hard it is to build up loyalty. it also has a healing skill that can heal the enemy, so its only recommended before or after fights. drippy vanil has a very large sprite if you make it stand on you...
    --lif. gives you ALOT of movespeed and is probably the best one to use solo mvping. mental change gives it some reasonable attack, but its weak in pvp because its demihuman. it also has a healing skill... if you need red slims for it there is a moscovia quest lets you make them. brewing them is a waste. red lif has a very large sprite...
    --filir. has the most flee, being the most capable of pvm mobbing. moonlight is a ranged? skill and its brute type so anti-demihuman cards have no effect, and does 4x damage to battlegrounds set. also has the best attackspeed.
    --amistr. has the best defense, can increase defense of its master, and makes a pretty good tank. its damage is lacking however. castling switches places with the owner, possibly enabling you to summon it 2 cells away across a small barrier, and use castling to transverse the barrier. its also a very interesting way to escape a dangerous situation.

    --spells and autocasts. a chemist usually has extremely high int for acid demonstration. weapons like fireblend and ice falchion can be very useful in allowing you to use bolts, especially when you summon plants to help you autocast them (skill attacks will not activate them). elemental sword is also very powerful if you can get it, and possibly very dangerous with cold bolt scrolls. cursed hand can also be a dangerous autocast, limiting enemy ability to pot and heal. choose wisely, just be aware than more than one of the same autocast will have no effect.

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