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    woe preparation fund


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    woe preparation fund

    Post  Luned on Wed Aug 18, 2010 7:22 pm

    I got alot of cash from the sun god hat, and I'm not gonna spend all of it myself. well some of it. ahahha...

    I could buy some of this stuff at vends, but it may not be enough and I would like to keep the zeny within mafia. these will generally be distributed to people who are woegoers. other rewards for woegoers will also be considered, including OCA and MVP drops. I will be keeping track of who is there before it starts, when it ends and who uses ventrilo.
    I will be instantly buying from people. these prices may change as I check the market more often:

    thara frog 3m
    horn 1.5m
    marc 4m
    evil druid 4m
    hydra 1m
    verit 1.25m
    others may be considered..

    --equip. won't be needing as many...
    berets 100k
    poo hat 100k
    wool scarf 600k
    tidal shoes 700k

    speed potions ???
    fire bottles and acid bottles ???
    edp ???
    sunlight boxes ???
    mushroom spores ???

    aloe leaflets 1k
    stem 800z
    auth badges 5k
    cursed water 5k
    horns, scorpion tails, rainbow shells 2.5k ea
    element converters wind, fire, earth 12k ea
    dead branches 1300z (for guild events)

    suggest something if you wish.

    misc expenses... noob items for guild storage, castle investment costs

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    Re: woe preparation fund

    Post  Pollywog on Sun Aug 22, 2010 10:30 am

    Selling 5 Thara Frog Cards ATM (2.9m). Shop up in Payon Dun. Get em while they are hot Smile

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