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    Gunslinger guide


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    Gunslinger guide

    Post  Luned on Fri Aug 13, 2010 12:37 am

    Luned's gunslinger guide.

    gunslingers are generally underestimated, and said to be an alt class. the damage is similiar and often better than a sniper, with longer range (diagonals) while being hindered by high sp costs, crazy bullet consumption, and skill delays. It is harder to reach the highest attackspeeds and you don't have traps. also you can't wear alot of trans only gear, which makes things harder.

    there are 2 stat builds in general- dex/agi and dex/vit.
    -agi build has less free stats, can spam skills faster in strings and get insane damage, but dies very very easily. is more useful in some pvm parties, especially odins and dimensional gorge. can also get coins MUCH faster.
    -vit build has more room for str and int, uses skills at the same speed as an agi build when you don't have strings, and has a better chance of surviving... everything. a better build for woe goers.
    -str. is necessary for carry weight. you can get less with gym passes, but I still think you should get around 20. you need to carry all those bullets...
    -int. the sp mod for int is horrible on gunslinger, but the skills require so much sp I can recommend anything less than 30 int. I certainly need it, if only for the better sp gain from blue pots.
    -dex. duh, get alot, or don't even play this class >.<
    -luk. useless

    attackspeed. some gunslinger weapons are SLOOOW I mean 86 atkspd without zerk pot slow. shotguns and grenade launchers are this way, while having very high attack power. you can generally use skills at twice your attackspeed, but there are some wierd breakpoints I have noticed: after around 115 atkspeed your skills wont get any faster in strings until about 170 attackspeed. so agi isnt very useful for shotgun and grenade launcher skills, since you'll never get to spam them no matter what amount of agi you have...

    -desperado, the defining skill of gunslingers. everyone should have it. I argue that its the best close range dps skill in game. the attacks are a random amount, a maximum of 10 hits with more hits if the target is right next to you, but all in a 5x5 area. this is a true multihit skill, so it eats through safetywall really fast. its the only gunslinger attack pnuema wont block. because of some past abuse you can't weapon switch for 1-2 seconds after using it. being a class with a lower hp mod and no sheild, it can be hard surviving close range...
    -rapid shower. this skill is better dps than full buster, especially for an agi build when using strings. has something of a hitlock effect which can be very helpful. another skill everyone needs for one reason or another.

    -full buster. one of the best oneshot skills in game, however slow shotgun attackspeed and skill delay keep you from spamming it. very useful pvm, its amazing the number of monsters you can oneshot with or without endow. for some reason you can't spam pots in the skilldelay, which is why this skill can't totally replace rapid shower for pvp. note that with low attackspeed, the monsters will take a full second to die after being hit, and might retaliate, so don't use this at close range if you can help it >.<
    -dust. the dps is ok, but it pushes back enemies which makes it really hard to spam. and if you wanna be a close range hero desperado is better. just get it as a prereq.
    -spread shot. crazy range and 9x9 aoe, you can hit things that arent even on youre screen with this. but currently the damage is pretty weak, and the most slots a shotgun can have for statusing is 2. sherriff's medal has 10% blind on it, so maybe you can try to blind everything @_@. in renewal the damage is upped to 400% at lvl 10 and can be used with grenade launchers, which will make this skill alot more powerful, and even worth using as a dmg skill then.

    -gunslinger mine. bizzarre skill. the element and given status effect is based on what grenade sphere you used to cast it. the 2nd half of the dmg is based on what you have equipped when it goes off. the damage however is pathetic, the status effect chance is like 5%, and the only saving grace is you can put them under players or monsters, or stack them. but even then, you can't spam it due to cast time and horrible atkspd, and they don't last 4x duration in woe (wtf? bug?). In renewal this skill gets a radius boost from 3x3 to 5x5, and a dmg boost, which is needed badly. stacking freeze spheres is pointless, since it will break its own freeze. the only spheres that are readily affordable are wind(stun) and water(freeze). firepushes things, poison and blind .. yeah. blind sphere has shadow element.

    -tracking. pretty decent damage, but the INTERRUPTABLE cast time of 3 seconds which is NOT REDUCED BY DEX. did I mention its range is limited to 10 cells? ewww. not even magic strings will make it cast faster, only -cast time from equip will. this skill requires a rifle, but is crap with rifles. rumor has it its supposed to have a crit chance, which might actually make it useful. the only use: my agi gunslinger uses this against immobile (usually sleeping) targets in pvp, and switches to grenade launcher midcast for crazy damage. for some reason bullet switching wont work, even if you switch to grenade launcher it will use a silver bullet >.<
    -disarm. awsome skill, but limited range. extremely useful in pvp, you can strip peoples weapon for 30 seconds, which should be long enough to kill them unless they run away. the problem is half the time you don't know when it works...
    -piercing shot. pierces defense and has a bleeding chance. the def piercing damage is just far too low to ever be useful, and bleeding... I would avoid this one.

    -gatling fever. gives an atkspd bonus in exchange for flee and movespeed. HORRIBLE SKILL. only possible use is ranged crystal//emp breaking, or metaling card, and even then its weak. if you want to do normal attacks at high speed, get chain action instead.

    -chain action. for agi builds who like normal attacking. sorta like double attack but sidewinder card won't work. better in every way than using a gatling gun.
    -single action. a decent +hit and attackspeed boost. get lvl 5, 7, or 9 for atkspd.
    -snake eyes. don't underestimate the important of this, gunslingers can have better range than snipers! pistols have 7 range while all other guns have 9 range. the mimimum lvl you need is lvl 6 to hit the edge of the screen, but I suggest lvl 8 or higher for shooting at diagonals. learn to use your range to your advantage.

    ======note that all coin skills can be used when wearing a sheild. YAY! ... I think.
    -flip coin. this skill is affected by attackspeed, which makes getting coins ALOT easier on an agi build. some people say get lvl 4 but... ugh. I hate sitting there flipping coins. lvl 4 is 60% chance, and lvl 5 is 70% chance, and if you fail you lose a coin. so lvl 5 is about twice as fast to use as lvl 4. equip a sheild to flip coins faster.
    -cracker. stun chance, which gets better the closer you are to target. as of writing this it is bugged and won't work in pvp, I have submitted a bugreport.
    -magic bullet. worthless. don't even waste your time.
    -coin fling. also worthless.
    -bulls eye. dmg is unmodded by card effects, so triple action tends to have more damage. and the coma chance is just too low (1/1000). it works with any ammo regardless of weapon (giving you some element sphere choices). the range is fixed and you can use it with a sheild for a lulz barehanded range atk that just MIGHT kill someone. maybe get it for fun.
    -triple action. this skill got good vs demihuman with the kvm guns. you can use it with glorious gatling gun and grenade spheres for some limited but FAST dps, or with glorious grenade launcher for a slower stronger hit with an element of your choice. you can also use this barehanded with its fixed range of 10 cells.

    -increase accuracy. uses 4 coins and lasts for 1 minute, giving 4 dex, 4agi and +20 hit. I can only recommend this skill to agi gunslingers because its alot easier for them to get coins fast.
    -adjustment. costs 2 coins, you lose 30 hit, gain 30 flee and 20% range resistance. the range resistance works like defender however and wont stop defense piercing skills or magic. very useful on agi build, and near useless on a vit build...
    -last stand. +100 atk and +20% attackspeed. a powerful boost, but you can't move if you use it. you can use this with a mix of desperado and rapid shower, or to stack attackspeed bonuses and bring a gatling to 185 atkspeed with 1 agi. but its not very useful with shotgun/grenade launcher because they already have high attack, and the attackspeed bonus probably wont push you past the breakpoint. and if things go bad you can't run away, the best you can do is hide >.<

    armors- you can't equips trans only gear like tidal shoes, variants, orleans glove etc... so...
    odins blessings:
    succubus- default or when soloing
    earth deleter- for desperado mobbing and infinite sp biggrin.gif
    element cards- sometimes you need them...
    ulles cap (incubus card). cant think of better non-mvp card to be using. also with odins for less sp use
    vali's manteau for the set
    vidars boots for the set, and hp/sp boost
    blinker- agi build might have blind problems, especially if you use full buster? vit build won't need this at high lvls, blind duration gets very short with a mix of

    the sign, sherriffs badge, glorious ring. because 5% attack boost is better than dex for damage.
    guard[1] switch to this for faster coin flip
    sky deleter, zombie slaughter cards. useful before you get good gear

    yellow ribbon or fberet
    elite shooter suit[marc, ED, succubus on agi build to get 0vit when facing creators]
    sheriff manteau[noxious, etc...
    combat boots[ matyr, green ferus...]
    masquerade- 3% pvp boost
    glove[smokie, horong, 2x alligator]
    valkyrie sheild[cranial, horn] for flip coin, punching bg crystal, rushing, or when you don't see anyone (some assassin might sonic blow you)
    sherrif badge-dmg boost and other effects

    gate keeper DD- the best pvm shotgun hands down. nothing competes. also just as good as the pvp BG shotguns.
    western outlaw- the revolver to use when you arent using ones from battlegrounds
    butcher[1]- card with metaling for status or dmg card for emperium. cecil damon works but damn expensive. gatling isnt worth it.
    destroyer[1]- gunslinger mine sucks, but hey you can break armors!
    thunder-p[2]- if you want a status shotgun, this is it. autocasts won't work with the splash attack, only on original target.
    lever action rifle // jungle carbine- rifles suck, but these are better than most everything else emp breaking.

    glorious grenade launcher- good for tracking switch and triple action
    glorious gatling gun- good for triple action only

    regular bg weapons have atkspd or +dmg scripts, these can be triggered on any skill attack but bonus is lost on weapon switch.
    soldier rifle- good for tracking cast and switch
    soldier revolver- incredibly useful gun, has 190atkspd script at 1% chance, good with desperado
    soldier shotgun- slightly better than gatekeeper for pvp if overupgraded. probably not worth the effort.
    soldier gatling gun-decent low weight weapon to use on emperium or BG crystal. IF you have gatling fever that is.
    soldier grenade launcher- use for gunslinger mine. the +atk script might come in handy someday.

    silver bullets and normal bullets are useful, blood bullets are nearly pointless.
    freeze/wind spheres are the easiest and cheapest to get of grenade ammo. everything else is quite expensive

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