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    Heat Star Gladiator guide


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    Heat Star Gladiator guide

    Post  Luned on Fri Aug 13, 2010 2:04 am

    you'll just fuck it up.
    If you make a stargladiator, plan ahead.

    star gladiator can be a very powerful pvm char for killing bosstype monsters. its is also very limited in maps, and can only be an alt char. I find it an effective char to leave on a map and camp a certain mvp with, or a powerful leecher.

    vs. creator-
    less expensive, usually only requires pots to solo vs AD ammo
    must get close range, can be bad
    can hit multiple targets at once
    can use all elements and fight ghost targets
    THREE MAPS ONLY limitation
    much easier to level
    extremely good leeching char with exp bonus skills
    extraodinarily easy to fuck one up

    first consider targets. you want to leech? kill mvp?
    you only get 1 large target, one medium target, and one small target, so choose wisely. most mvps are large size. if you want the exp bonus, you MUST set lunar map for a lunar target, or solar map for solar target... etc...

    leveling targets are skeggiold(small), dimension gorge ghosts(medium), kasa (large)
    boss targets are all the poring minibosses (if your equip sucks) or bosses that do not have power up or can oneshot you will a strong skill. also avoid bosses with boss type minions, since its suicide if you use union (2% hp drain per hit, 10 hits per second...). vs bosses with regular minions, the minions will be pushed back and hurt you less. some mvps will require a vit build to counter stun, silence isnt much of a problem.
    personally my sgs have targeted poring island, and mistress mvp. amon ra is very hard to kill, because of all the random shit he spawns in the area, and you arent good at killing with aoe. star gladiator can move VERY fast, which helps with teleporters. lady tanee is impossible because she teles for no reason at all and pushes you away with charge arrow (you cannot equip strong sheild wtf). ghostring is such a bitch with teleport that you want hate and carded book to kill him FAST before he teles. GTB has reflect and mammonite, so might be suicidal.

    to kill skeggiold, need very high dex build (86+) . you cannot use union against these because of a boss type minion. this is the best place for a large party, to leech new chars to trans, and to leech a guild. best for base exp
    can kill ghosts can be done with any old noob char, but need near 60 dex to be effective without union. I do not suggest relying on union if you want to leech stuff here. for this place you must be very fast with fly wings, to escape the angels, and you can sprint around the map if you want. to leech, you need something keeping the leechers safe, like icewall or another party. best for job exp
    kasa kill pretty much relies on union to get good damage, and these things can use reflect sometimes. can be very messy and requires alot of pots. fly wing from everything else, or when kasa starts flashing (spiral pierce)

    note that union drains 2% of your max hp, so if you use union +maxhp items are the enemy, and for maxhp you should rely on vit which gives potion heal.

    slotted element books: use 2x element 1x race or something like that, or overupgrade and abysmal knight cards if rich. certain elements might save you on sp in the wild, but it really doesnt matter. other elements can be bad if you forget to endow. when I used a water element book on poring island, mastering pwned my sp so bad because he was the wrong element...
    bible: if high upgrade can be effective in odins, because there is no anti-angel card
    book[3] these suck
    BG book: haha its effective vs demihuman mvp if you are nuts enough to get it

    magni's cap, odin's blessing, stone buckler. an extremely useful defense combo that gives useful str bonuses. I get 50+ armor def with this.
    mythical lion mask. if for some reason you don't use magni's use this
    vali's manteau and vidar's boots. use these with odins combo when not using union
    fricco's shoes. 20% pot heal is very nice when using union
    shackles and bloody shackle ball. fucking heavy but the best damage you can have
    cursed hand. helpful for the +10 hit when not using union
    ring[mantis card]. help get str bonus
    evil wing ears. more str bonus help
    safety ring. good when you have 50+def. survival is everything
    pirate dagger. bit more dmg
    cigarette. less dmg vs insect mvp? biggrin.gif
    ring[li mei ryang]. sunlight boxes from skeggiold, those things are damn hard to get

    99 str. always
    dex? lots. both dex and luk give hate bonus, but dex is a little more effective for everything. multiple of 5 better
    vit. varies. odins sg has less, if you fight mvp with stun you need 80+
    agi. if you have anymore than 1 agi you screwed up
    luk. minimal amouts for hate bonus. multiple of 5 or 10.

    http://web.hc.keio.ac.jp/~fk061999/hime ... kDjNbsqnDK
    the best all around skill build.
    protection skills all around suck, even stellar protection
    DO NOT get shadow/demon. you will be blind and hate your char forever. not even lvl 1. this skill only becomes active at job50.
    getting lvl 10 knowledge is kinda pointless because if you do use the extra weight you won't be able to sprint or whatever till you get to the target map and relog
    you are heat build, kicks are useless
    happy break will help you regen faster when you sit next to your linker slave

    for exp skills and protection skills, must be the proper day
    for heat and protection must be the proper map
    hatred is limited by monster size, note that skeggiold minions are not the same as the main monster, DON"T TARGET THE WRONG ONE! also I suggest targeting the brown ones.

    solar is small, lunar is medium, stellar is large
    solar is even number day, lunar is odd number days, stellar is multiples of 5.

    2 unmentioned skills not on the tree are miracle and the reset target skill. resetting targets is pretty much impossible, far easier to make another star gladiator. it involves alot of doridori next to another taekwon without max sp, and both must be regenning sp
    miracle is fucking awsome. every atk gives a small chance to activate, and then all stellar type skills become active until you logout, die, or leave map. miracle does not care about the day when givingyou exp bonus, which is very nice when killing skeggiold

    when mvping, union + agi up makes you move extremely fast, one of the fastest chars in game. leap, sprint, and flying kick are also useful on occasion.
    MISSING IS BAD. every miss drains 10sp per hit instead of 2 sp. this goes for elemental missing as well, like vs orc hero's minions... or when some golem walks up to you in DG
    heat pushes back normal monsters like firewall. in an emergency you can push them into a wall and kill them with heat.

    do ice necklace quest. bit tricky, probably need another char to help and alot of fly wings. instant lvl 66/1 novice.
    eat bacillus. its cheaper than horns or skins. you are better off selling those and buy bacillus, really.
    do onward to new world quest, and possible rekenber job quest at the same time... you have to goto alot of the same places. after this do finding a fairy quest, its damn easy.
    at this point you should be lvl 80+ and able to solo.

    heat drains sp in pvp. a pvp build is totally different.
    its possible to set hatred on a class of player, like all high priests. don't do this unless you know what you are doing.
    being limited in maps, I can't suggest making a pvp stargladiator at all.

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